The Blue Pineapple Couch EP

by The Ticket

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Blue Pineapple Couch was formed as an indie-rock-hop four piece live band in the early fall months of 2009. Unfortunately, after losing the drummer and what with collegiate distances between the members (not to mention collegiate budgets - let alone travel time), the group went on indefinite hiatus. In order to have some sort of preservation of the material, Grant Livesay and James Matthew Diffendal (who would soon after BPC's disbanding form the hip-hop production duo known as "The Ticket") recorded several of the songs without the rest of the band following the completion of their first album "Dead and Expensive." The recording of these tracks took place in May of 2010, Matt on the bass and Grant covering all of the other instrumental sections.

The original band featured Grant Livesay on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, James Matthew Diffendal on electric bass, Ed Martin on drums (he was phenomenal), and Austin Smith on lead guitar and occasional backing vocals (he was also phenomenal). The vast majority of Caffeine Evenings is exactly the way the band used to play it (sans the final rock-out section and the teaser bonus R&B style beat at the end of the track). Do Us Part and Lullaby were written entirely by Livesay and Diffendal, but the songs were never performed prior to the band embarking upon an indefinite hiatus.

These three tracks (of the around twelve or so original) were remastered by Livesay mostly during the resmastering of Dead and Expensive.

With that - Matt and Grant would like to thank both Ed and Austin for what would have been an absolutely amazing live band; maybe in another lifetime. Cheers, fellas.

We hope you enjoy what the instrumental sections of the Blue Pineapple Couch sound like through the lens and musical sensibilities of The Ticket. Swag.

Originally released through Polo Road Swag., before being moved to Thin Product Shun following the disbanding of PRS.


released October 2, 2012

James Matthew Diffendal on electric bass and the introductory guitar loop for "Lullaby."
Grant Livesay on all other guitars and drum machine.
All included original lyrics by Grant Livesay.
Cover photo taken and edited by Grant Livesay.



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Track Name: Caffeine Evenings
Original lyrics:
Sitting in a coffee shop sipping
on lukewarm, sugar-coated egotistical mentality
I caught the eye of the barista
Examining the intricacies
Of my slowly separating fresh colloidal beverage
As if societal leverage had exerted such torque
That even cream and khaki
Couldn’t make love anymore

I know how it feels
to be that painting on the wall that’s starting to peel
Product of mass produced misguided ideals
And ill-conceived bearer of
failure at sustaining long-term appeal

Midnight meanderings mirrored behind
Steam soaked window panes aligned
Across the room from
the hanging of a canvassed loom spun
run your fingers through his hair
linger there blind
reminder that we’re all the same color whence entwined
in the dark confines of lover’s shared bed space binds singing

Track Name: Do Us Part
Original lyrics:
Never so comforted by the pleasant surprise
rainy college AM and your footsteps on linoleum
Bare soles slightly slapping like the first drops of
an unexpected summer rain.

Flowers by the side of the road
Cold under the air conditioners blind hum;

Where smiles stemmed
And cheeks were ripening strawberries
The air was sweetened with the aroma of rose tea
And the couple toasted their marriage with honey
Imported brie and brand-name colas.

A guest during the merger of two families
At best

Later, following a funeral for the father of a close friend
A bundle of flowers cloistered by a dead-end side of the road
Commemorated uncomfortable pressure to grow the back of the throat
Like the benighted awareness felt when cradling an unrequited lover
Svelte as she sleeps, the arm numbs
and I succumb: gardening passenger burying motherly pains of never wanting to let go

Examined a rose petal, table garnish
Pregnant then aborted, resoundingly plump in color albeit tarnished
Blemish on my peripheral vision
Like the tear in the eye of the bride
Love stricken and afraid of excision

She no longer a lone stem flourishing next to him
and mortal in newborn virgin forest knew that
Death was a florist – gentle-handed meticulous judiciary
Reminder that imperfection is not just beautiful but necessary

And in the dark I am my cousin’s infant child
Innocent, warily curious and deadly
Like a toddler picking strawberries