Hollowed Queen

by The Ticket

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Trick or treat, gin served neat.

The music and lyrics for this record were written and recorded in their entirety from the ground up on October 31st, 2013 in a single thirteen hour session.* It was then mixed and mastered over the course of two sessions throughout the following year, one in February of 2014 and one in October of 2014.

A Fella approved endeavor.
Thin Product Shun 2014.
Instrumentals copyright of Grant Wescoat Livesay and James Matthew Diffendal.
Lyrics copyright of Grant Wescoat Livesay.
All rights reserved.

*Vocals for the final track were not recorded until October of 2014, despite being the first lyrics written. Fatigue laces her dancing shoes after thirteen hours of solid spontaneous studio composition.


released October 31, 2014

The Ticket is James Matthew Diffendal and Grant Wescoat Livesay.

All instrumentals composed by James Matthew Diffendal (bass)** and Grant Livesay (keys, guitar, Ableton).
All lyrics/vocals written and performed by Grant Livesay.
Mixed and mastered at The Gales House by Grant Livesay.
Cover art arranged and photographed by James Matthew Diffendal.
Individual track art photographed by Grant Livesay over the year between the record's conception and birth.
**Except during the final section of track two, where bass was written and performed by Grant Livesay.



all rights reserved


Grant Livesay Winston Salem, North Carolina

truth is in the shambles of i am -

current work: thinproductshun.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: Preamble To The Body Before
get your tickets
eat your maker

laces seducing veins pulsating within footsteps
look left for the pen deftly smelling luscious
loose lips peddling for petals in autumn
drowning within the soils of romantic flotsam
hooves and claws caressing our yen: rotten tarmac

hollow queen you’ve ruined me
canvas of late truancy
moodily perched underneath crepe myrtles
pissing upon well versed porcelain
horse drawn carriages circling authentic theremins
here and there again yesteryear aplenty
questioning what’s in it for the answer
do the ballet shoes make the dancer
or are our hearts just chasing cancer
why do i love you so and why is this not quite so random
not quite so random when she reprimanded
not quite so random those ages he fancied her
not quite so random, hallowed: i planned it
and regardless, your seed has been planted

nothing eases
Track Name: Basking Inside Metaphor Play And Burst Capillaries
scuppernong vinaigrette via scents of succulents
ripened to lighten the load,
barrow bearing bricks born of charleston schoolyards
where young lovers ran in rampant circles
‘round with authentic merriment here and there again
fair ye well hopefully wholehearted still holding
a snort of hendrick’s simply sipping
staring at the ginkgoes going golden
folding phantoms planted alongside high noon organs
do you write anymore when you wake up from coming down
do you tie your laces tight when stepping to this town
do you die in the night rain yesterday drinking for the better
do you know that i pray you will live forever
but only if the grapes and morning glories grow
by the porch side come summertime
i’ve been lying a lot regarding how to paint
guarded, masked
and like barthelme
“’i would pull down the very doors of heaven for a –‘

nothing eases transition
Track Name: Enamel Clenched As Fingertips Upon Parchment Sheets White 'Til Soiled
running 'round the cul-de-sac she shot me in the back
scraps of indeterminate detour minutiae
clueless lest the resting lavender languishes
fangs penned and suit jackets listening
thirstily with the gusto of leaves loafing pronouncing love
in seasonal syllables such that door knobs
hobble eyes peeled and reddened as oleander
in heat eaten frozen from pewter pans more empty
singing for tap shoes and aged carpet stains sutured under-appreciated
rorschach paintings via october disgorging authentic virulence
embarrassing here and there again highball fairing streets of gin grinning gregarious (smile for me, darling gone)
and less than stereotypically geometric temperature-dependent children's blocks
crossing cracked asphalt betwixt rim and enamel
for another wasted rock's dig at us temporal planted

why is my heart forged of parchment
white until this art is forced

god dammit prophet, what are you seeing
god dammit phonetic, where's your meaning (i can’t breathe)
god dammit canvas, where's her painting
resonant hollow queen, my vantage you’ve seized (i can’t sleep)

god dammit prophet, is that you leering
god dammit phonetic, are you listening (i just seethe)
god dammit canvas, who’s that brushing
resident mistress of answers unquestioned (and i can’t blink)

nothing eases transition like total silence